Quick usageΒΆ

Running GAUDI jobs is quite easy with gaudi.cli.gaudi_run:

gaudi run /path/to/some_file.gaudi-input

To learn how to create input files, go to Input files, and make sure to check the tutorials!

After the job is completed, you can check the results with gaudi.cli.gaudi_view:

gaudi view /path/to/some_file.gaudi-output

You can choose between two molecular visualization tools: Chimera itself (using GaudiView extension), or our in-house GUI, GAUDInspect.

GAUDInspect GUI under Ubuntu 14.04 GAUDInspect GUI under Windows 10

Both tools support lazy-load, filtering and sorting, so choose whichever you prefer. A quick tutorial on GaudiView is available here: