Input files

GaudiMM uses YAML-formatted files for both input and output files. YAML is a human-readable serialization format, already implemented in a broad range of languages. Input files must contain these five sections:

  • output. Project options. Configure it to your liking
  • ga. Genetic algorithm configuration. Normally, you don’t have to touch this, except maybe the number of generations and population size.
  • similarity. The similarity function to compare potentially redundant solutions.
  • genes. List of descriptors used to define an individual
  • objectives. The list of functions that will evaluate your individuals.

You can check some sample input files in the examples directory.

How to create GaudiMM input files

If you don’t mind installing GAUDInspect, it provides a full GUI to create GAUDI input files, step by step. Add genes and objectives, configure the paths, number of generations and population size, and run it. Simple and easy.


The development of GAUDInspect is currently stalled.

However, you can also edit them manually, since they are just plain text files. Create a copy of one of the examples and edit them to your convenience. While you can check the API documentation of gaudi.genes and gaudi.objectives to find a list of available components, we really recommend checking the beginners tutorial: